Vista Logo Program

Microsoft Offers Windows Vista Logo Program for its customers to identify products that deliver a high-quality computing experience with VISTA.

The application can be certified as "Works with Windows Vista" or "Designed for Windows Vista". The details can be found at the

Most Frequent Compatibility Issues according to compatibility cookbook are:

  1. OS Versioning
  2. User Account Control
  3. Session 0 Isolation
  4. Windows Resource Protection
  5. 64 bit compatibility
  6. No 16 bit installers
  7. Drivers and Shell Extensions
  8. NO LUA Virtualization
  9. IE7 Protection Mode

Why Logo Program?
It is for the customers to help them get more customers for their applications. As enterprises are moving on Windows Vista, all the new programs/softwares need to run on Windows Vista. It is where the catch is. If you are an ISV or Product development company, it is better to get your product certified in either of the category. It will help you get the more installations for your application.

Customers, those haven't started migrating to Vista, also looking for programs that are Certified for Windows Vista. It is common sense to ask for this logo when you take a product. So, In my openion, it is good to have your application certified for Vista for longer run smoothly. 

Hope this helps.

Comments (1)

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Hi – we’re trying to work through how to get the works with vista logo. We’re experiencing a lot of difficulties finding anyone in australia who knows what we’re talking about and can help. We have got an agreement signed, but we don’t know what is suppsoed to happen next. Can someone call me or my boss Chris White that knows how it works?

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