Windows Internals and Debugging

One of the most rare combinations, people look for is Windows Debugging experience with Application developement in Visual C++/C++. Most of the people confuse the term Windows debugging with Visual C++ debugging. In my openion, when you debug using Visual Studio, it is called Application Debugging. If you are using any specialized debugger to know about internals of process, system threads, memory blocks etc. then it is termed as Windows Debugging. Believe me it is a tough job. Not everybody can debug becuase debugging requires identifying the problem and then fixing it. To identify the problem, you need to know Windows Architecture thorougly. Specially when you are debugging in Kernel mode, it is must that you should know the in and out of the system.

This is my first post on MSDN. I used to blog on blogger but now I have changed that blog to use as my personal blog. I will be writing mostly technical stuff to this blog. Look for more Debugging Tips and Tricks using WinDBG in this blog from now.

Comments (2)

  1. Great to see someone writing on this subject! I feel debugging techniques are totally underrated and a good understanding of them can make a ton of difference. Everyone seems to be talking about developing, designing, unit testing etc. but what I find a very challenging and hugely wide subject is that of debugging.

  2. Rosyna says:

    I personally always found reproducing the problem to be the first step in fixing it.

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