Basic Azure Diagnostics

  Just as the camera is important in capturing the details of moments, logging and tracing are important in an application. Without them, you have no way to record the details when they happened. Today we will discuss how to enable and record data in an application in the cloud.   The following are the…


Restrictions of Stored Procedures in SQL Azure

  While migrating my stored procedures to SQL Azure, I received errors in some because of lack of support of some of the functionality. I had to find a workaround to successfully export them to SQL Azure.   Working with XML   sp_xml_preparedocument It reads the XML string within the SP, parses it using MSXML parser…


Creating a Web Service in Cloud

Let’s create our first web service in the cloud. The service will return the factorial of a number. Just like our Hello World ASP.NET application, we will create a new Cloud Service project but this time with no Role. Once the project is created, add a new ASP.NET Web Service Application project to the solution and…


Referencing SQL Azure Database

Irrespective of where your application lies i.e. in the cloud or locally, you can simply connect to the SQL Azure database by replacing your local DB Connection String with the SQL Azure Connection String. The connection string for any SQL Azure database can be obtained in the “Server Administration” screen in your SQL Azure account by selecting the database and…


Exporting and Synchronize local Database to SQL Azure

I assume that you already have a SQL Azure account with a Server name and an Administrator. Both the server name and the administrator username are written under “Server Information” on the SQL Azure Server Administration screen.     We start by establishing a connection from our SQL Server Management Studio to the SQL Azure….


Windows Azure: Hello World part 2

In the previous post we created a new ASP.NET Windows Azure application. In this post, we will publish in on the cloud. In order to publish the application to the cloud, we have to make sure that except for the .net standard library dlls, all the remaining dlls referenced are to be copied to the output directory,…


Windows Azure: Hello World part 1

  Let us create a simple hello world application in ASP.NET. It will be run locally using the development fabric. In the second part, we will learn how to deploy it in cloud.   Open Visual Studio in administrator mode (Run as administrator) and create a new “Windows Azure Cloud Service” project.      …