WCF Scalability and IIS

Couldn’t get better than this. Wenlong has pretty much detailed out to the gory details of understanding WCF scalability in these posts. WCF Request Throttling and Server Scalability Orcas SP1 Improvement: Asynchronous WCF HTTP Module/Handler for IIS7 for Better Server Scalability The fact you realize is that one bottle neck is enough to kill your scalability.


Timeouts and WCF – httpRuntime

There seems to be very little documentation around the timeout behaviors for the client and service and configuring so many knobs can get you in a fix if you dont know what you are tweaking. The below snippet shows how enable one of these scenarios to keep connections open for long processing message. Bad as…


Disabling Anonymous Authenticaiton on IIS for Message Security and Impersonation

When hosting WCF services in IIS we would ideally want to disable anonymous authenticaion on a website when there are other resources or type of endoints being hosted on that site. The solution to this is not quite obvious.The problem basically is that we have a situation where there are double identities coming into play. Basically this…


Custom Databinding using Property Descriptors

Creating large flat classes for data binding is one way of doing things. But you should check out this article before anyone decides to tightly couple your object model with your data representation. Mike  has put this down beatifully. http://blogs.msdn.com/mikechr/archive/2006/05/17/600697.aspx


Hiding UpdatePanel during UpdateProgress

This was a very simple requirement to hide the currently updating controls. I first ran to the the forums and came across this. The trick was quite simple. When we depend control inside the updatePanel this technique fails. The idea is to wrap the update panel inside say another container like a div and set…


DatacontractSerializer and ASMX service using types with Namespaces

When we try to generate a proxy out of an ASMX service with svcutil, there might be some interesting scenarios. One that I came across is when the service exposes types that have a root namespace. Now if you had only that type as the parameter then these doesnt seem to be any issue. As…


WCF Service with .asmx extensions

We already have quite a large number of ASMX services and clients. One major point to be kept in mind is that WCF and asmx services can co-exist without any problem and migration to WCF should be your first and only choice unless there is a reason like using security that you do not have…


Using a Session in WCF through AspNetCompatibility

Firstly let us all thank Steve Main . The session/state model is the same that is leveraged by the asp.net framework and hence all the feature of state management comes bundled with it. On a moral note its the responsibility of using this is upto the designers. But there might be applications and scenarios that…