Sample ETW trace for WCF

You can see How do I collect an ETL trace for WF/WCF? for the commands or you can download the sample trace from here. Open the trace using the following command line or File –> Open and load the manifest from the Framework folder or launch the following from the command line.  SvcPerf.exe wcf.etl %windir%\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v4.0.30319\…


WF 4.0 First Look!

More coming up Here is the First Look at WF 4.0 talk by Kenny  


WCF Scalability and IIS

Couldn’t get better than this. Wenlong has pretty much detailed out to the gory details of understanding WCF scalability in these posts. WCF Request Throttling and Server Scalability Orcas SP1 Improvement: Asynchronous WCF HTTP Module/Handler for IIS7 for Better Server Scalability The fact you realize is that one bottle neck is enough to kill your scalability.


Finally Zermatt’s here

IIts been a long wait. After working with customers for getting out their token service and doing all the claim based black magic, finally we have a framework. Its not a bubble gum and match stick situation more and its a full framework. If you want to build applications and solve your federation problems which…


Throttling using managed semaphores and named monitors

Firstly I would like to explain what is a managed semaphore. This was introduced to me during a session by Andy Clymer (developmetor). Basically the requirement of a semaphore is pretty clear but then again we don’t have to resort to kernel objects and mutexes if not required to step out from our little managed…


Disabling JIT Optimizations

INI files are not dead yet 🙂 Now if you wanted to disable JIT optimization then place this into your application directory as a <appName>.ini file [.NET Framework Debugging Control]GenerateTrackingInfo=1 AllowOptimize=0 Why would you want to do this?Mostly when debugging in release mode you might not the get the correct stack dump. Eg: JIT might…


Custom Databinding using Property Descriptors

Creating large flat classes for data binding is one way of doing things. But you should check out this article before anyone decides to tightly couple your object model with your data representation. Mike  has put this down beatifully.


Iterating over a nested Member

You have a Collection of Products. Every product effectively maps to an Item. Now I needed to bind this Product collection to a grid and display the item name. So basically it would be something like prod[i].Item.Name or any other property can be accessed for item. Basically the idea is to Iterate over an inner member…


Can you call private members from a different class?

Standing by OO principles we would have to say “Private memebers are only visible to to the class in which it is defined” This is the MSDN Defintion for the C# private keyword “The private keyword is a member access modifier. Private access is the least permissive access level. Private members are accessible only within…


Encode Hex String

I needed to get the hash as a string from a byte[]. I was snooping around X509Certificate class and saw a GetHashString method. After a bit more digging i ended up at System.Security.Util.Hex this had the method i was looking for. Check out the EncodeHexString method.         public  static String EncodeHexString(byte[] sArray)         {            …