Throttling using managed semaphores and named monitors

Firstly I would like to explain what is a managed semaphore. This was introduced to me during a session by Andy Clymer (developmetor). Basically the requirement of a semaphore is pretty clear but then again we don’t have to resort to kernel objects and mutexes if not required to step out from our little managed…


Timeouts and WCF – httpRuntime

There seems to be very little documentation around the timeout behaviors for the client and service and configuring so many knobs can get you in a fix if you dont know what you are tweaking. The below snippet shows how enable one of these scenarios to keep connections open for long processing message. Bad as…


Applying Service Orientation through WCF

I was supposed to talk more about Development processes at Techmela on this Topic. But then I decided to share one particular aspect that i have learned over and over again when dealing with customers who have gone and developed multi-layered services and clients. There are some common aspects that i have noticed with many…


Speaking at Techmela’07

Calling all developers, IT pros, architects, designers and technology enthusiasts…Here’s all you wanted to know about TechMela 2007   TechMela is a fusion of the latest technologies, business gurus, and structured learning experiences – all you can ask for, in one grand, mother-of-all-tech-events!Creating many pathways to knowledge exchange, TechMela comprises of technology presentations, scenario showcases,…


Musings on Workflow Terminated and Exception Handling

When a workflow runs an activity and that activity throws some kind of unhandled exception you would notice that your workflow get terminated. I have see in many articles that explain how the termination happens. Now this is fine only for a rare set of hello world scenarios. When it comes to an enterprise application…


Durable Tokens Across Services – Share your tokens

There seems to be quite a number of time when you want to perform your authentication once and then you just go ahead the want to just call a service without performing the authentication again. What are some advantages of this ? 1. You get to manage your authentication independently. – Also results in a…


WCF Performance Comparison

I have been waiting for this article for quite some time. Read all about it here


Disabling JIT Optimizations

INI files are not dead yet 🙂 Now if you wanted to disable JIT optimization then place this into your application directory as a <appName>.ini file [.NET Framework Debugging Control]GenerateTrackingInfo=1 AllowOptimize=0 Why would you want to do this?Mostly when debugging in release mode you might not the get the correct stack dump. Eg: JIT might…


Thoughts on BasicHttpBinding, Security and SSL

BasicHttpBinding,  can there be security?. Yes! The point is this binding can be secured and that too with transport level security and restricted to https(SSL) or message level Check this post for details.  Another common question is about user name security tokens. Please note that user name security tokens cannot be send on the clear. There are quite a…