WCF vs Windows Web Services (WWS)

Note: Cross posted from Sajay. Permalink   Here was an interesting set of questions comparing WCF & WWS                 1) With .NET 4.0, are we going to see any improvement to close the gap?                 2) There seems very little information about this except on Channel 9 or various blogs.  Are we going to see…


WCF Performance Counters

Note: Cross posted from Sajay. We generally need to have a quick set of performance counters to identify a performance issue with a service. Shown below are three new counters that you will find with WCF 4.0. I also want to emphasize on the Calls outstanding counter here since this is one very useful and…


How do I get the Message Body as an XElement?

Note: Cross posted from Sajay. Permalink This was one was interesting as the service was exposed as a fully typed service, but the client wanted to modify some parts of the xml. Ideally you can plug into any part to perform these operations, but the general requirement here was that they needed a simple pointer…


HTTP polling duplex – Performance

Note: Cross posted from Sajay. Permalink Really good article on Performance of HTTP polling duplex server-side channel in Microsoft Silverlight 3 by Tomek from the ServiceModel/SL team. http://tomasz.janczuk.org/2009/08/performance-of-http-polling-duplex.html


Applying behaviors on the client channel

Note: Cross posted from Sajay. Permalink When we need to modify or see the message before its sent or after its received, we generally can use a Message inspector. However sometimes we want to be a bit more granular. One such requirement was to perform some operations for 2-way calls and a different set of…


WCF 4: AddDefaultEndpoints

Note: Cross posted from Sajay. Permalink Here is another little goodie we have which will help in reducing configuration. You can use the ServiceHostBase.AddDefaultEndpoints which will pretty much probe your service implementation for contracts and expose them as shown below. Notice that I don’t need to specify anything more than the base address and the…


How do I get the workflow InstanceId?

Note: Cross posted from Sajay. Permalink You can use a CodeActivity that returns a single result.   public sealed class GetWorkflowInstanceId : CodeActivity<Guid> { protected override Guid Execute(CodeActivityContext context) { return context.WorkflowInstanceId; } }


Hello World Workflow Service 4.0

Note: Cross posted from Sajay. Permalink Building a workflow service using 4.0 gives a very neat set of capabilities from both WF and WCF. Similar to WCF we can fully define a workflow either in code or otherwise just using Xaml. Here I chose a fully code based approach. If you just want the source…


Channel9: Monitoring WF Services

Note: Cross posted from Sajay. Permalink   10-4 Episode 24: Monitoring Workflow Services by Ron Jacobs – One of the great advantages to building services with WCF and Windows Workflow 4 is that the environment is instrumented with loads of events that allow you to track what exactly is happening.  This is useful for health…