DCM Solution Troubleshooting Steps

Here are some troubleshooting steps that you might want to perform for a successful DCM deployment / execution:

1. Install DCM Solution and ensure that all the files were deployed and the DCM Solution database created.
1. Create an SMS package / program and advertise it to any of the client machines.
2. Ensure that the client machines received the advertisement and executed the DCMCmd.exe program?
3. Check for any errors / failures during the DCMCmd.exe execution on any of the client machines? You can check this by looking at the Event Log of the Client Machine or by looking in the same folder where the advertisement was downloaded to on the client machine.
4. Ensure that you extended the SMS def.mof file by executing the Extend SMS def.mof vbscript file on the SMS Site server?
5. Ensure that Hardware Inventory happened?
6. Check for DCM related data in the Resource Explorer for each of the client machines where the advertisement was targeted to? The DCM related tables / views are created on the SMS Site Server database automatically after a successful Hardware Inventory. The installation of the DCM Solution.msi does not alter the SMS database in any respect.
7. Check if the DCM DTS packages have executed successfully.

Sai Kodi

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