New 3rd Party Offerings for DCM

Alpha Tech Solutions has recently released training for SMS 2003 DCM and they also offer an automatic rule generator to help create configuration manifests. I have not yet used or tested the rule generator tool, but I have seen the training and it combines useful audio and video instruction across multiple scenarios for using the DCM solution.


Below are quotes from the Alpha Tech Solutions website (


1. Desired Configuration Monitoring Training

Alpha Tech Solutions computer based training provides you with in-depth step by step instructions on solutions, concepts and best practices that are supported by Alpha Tech leading edge solutions. … 

The SMS 2003 Desired Configuration Monitoring Training will take you though the installation and deployment of the solution and provide you with valuable knowledge on how to create configuration manifests. Included in the training are real world scenarios and samples that you can use for configuration monitoring.



2. ATS Rule Generator

This time saving solution allows you to generate rules for configuration settings in a DCM configuration manifest by capturing them from a given “ideal” machine. The ATS Rule Generator will create configuration rules on the fly for any xml file generated by Microsoft’s Desired Configuration Monitoring Product.






In April, Configuresoft also released “ECM Management Extensions for DCM.”


Below is a quote from the Configuresoft website (


Compliance expertise for Microsoft management frameworks

Enterprise Configuration Manager Management Extensions for DCM (ECMMX) allow Microsoft® SMS users to quickly and easily monitor and manage system compliance for both Windows and non-Windows platforms from a familiar interface. Working in partnership with Microsoft to extend the System Center management framework, Configuresoft provides compliance reporting and control for heterogeneous environments. ECMMX seamlessly integrates with existing Windows® server management tools, making extensive compliance information visible and instantly available. ECM prioritizes and continuously validates the state of system compliance via its Compliance Toolkits, which feature rule-based templates, reports and dashboards that plug into ECM.



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