The Role of DTS packages in DCM Solution

The Desired Configuration Monitoring Solution Accelerator (DCM Solution) comes with two DTS Packages: SMSToDCMTransfer and XMLToDCMTransfer. The reports are rendered based on data available in the DCMSolution database. The two DTS Packages transfer data from the SMS Database and the XML mapping file respectively to the DCM Solution database.


·        SMSToDCMTransfer

The SMSToDCMTransfer DTS package transfers the data from the SMS database to the DCM Solution database. This DTS package is scheduled to run every 8 hours.


·        XMLToDCMTransfer

The XMLToDCMTransfer DTS package transfers data from the servername_mapping.xml file to the DCM Solution database. Before running the XMLToDCMTransfer DTS package, the servername_mapping file needs to be copied from the DCM UI folder (where the UI is installed) to the DCM installation folder. Usually the DCM installation folder is c:\Program Files\Microsoft\DCM Solution (unless changed during installation). The servername_mapping.xml file is created in the DCM UI folder. After the xml file is copied to the installation location, XMLToDCMTransfer DTS package can be executed. If the servername_mapping.xml file is not found at the location (installation folder), the DTS package continues execution and does not complain. Whenever DCM Author UI saves a manifest, the manifest details are written to the servername_mapping.xml file located in the DCM UI folder.



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