DCM Command Line Wrapper Switches / Usage

The DCM Command Line Wrapper supports a few command line switches. Following are the list of supported switches for the DCM Command Line Wrapper:

·         -cfg (used to specify the input manifest file)

·         -dat (used to specify the output file)

·         -p (used to specify the issue processors)

·         -trace (if specified, will provide detailed information on the processing of rules)

Issue Processors are components which log out of compliances to the NT Event Log and the WMI Repository. We currently have two issue processors. One for logging out of compliances to the NT Event log and the other to publish out of compliances to the WMI repository.

In the usage: DCMCmd.exe -cfg "DCM_App.config.xml" -p WMIEvents:Enable NTEvents:Enable -dat "MyOutput.xml" 

DCM_App.config.xml is the input manifest file name.

MyOutput.xml is the output file.

WMIEvents is the WMI Issue Processor’s friendly name.

NTEvents is the NT Event Log Issue Processor’s friendly name.


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