Case Sensitiveness of Desired Configuration Monitoring (DCM) Solution

DCM is case-sensitive! Having said that, what aspects of DCM are case-sensitive?


  • The tags in the xml manifest file which is created by the DCM Authoring tool are all case-sensitive. You might not be required to open up the xml file as such. But this is just an fyi. Oh, by the way, be aware that if a manifest is opened up and edited by hand instead of the UI Authoring tool, you might end up with an unsupported manifest file out there. So take care that you do not open up a manifest in a text editor or an xml editor! J
  • The command line wrapper is all case-sensitive. In order to run the DCM engine, you would need to type exactly as:

          DCMCmd.exe –cfg <manifest file name> -dat <output file name> -p WMIEvents:Enable NTEvents:Enable


All the switches are case sensitive. If you type a wrong case, you would recv an error with the syntax information. Hence the DCM Solution has a handy bat file in the same folder as the Command line wrapper folder. Its called RunDCM.bat. I would suggest the use of that file. In that case you don’t need to bother yourself with the syntax. All you would be required to do is type: rundcm.bat <manifest file name> <output file name> and it would fly!



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