Why do not DCM Reports show the data from a recent run of DCM?

Well, there can be several reasons why the data is not being shown in the DCM Reports. DCM Reporting is not real-time. In this post, I am attempting to address all the valid reasons.

The Desired Configuration Monitoring (DCM) Solution Accelerator comes with four (4) out-of-compliance and ten (10) in-compliance reports. Following might be the reasons for the reports not to show data:

·         Check if DCM Command Line Wrapper has successfully run on the collection of servers where the advertisement was targeted to. You can check this by looking at the NT Event log or the WMI Repository of the local server machines or from the SMS Site Server Admin Console.

·         Check if SMS Hardware Inventory has happened

·         Check if the DTS package (SMSToDCMTransfer) has executed successfully. The DTS package is by default scheduled to run every 8 hours. The data might be available in the SMS database but since the DTS package has not run, the reports would not show the data since all the reports are based on the DCMSolution database which gets created when you install the Reports Component.

·         Additionally for the in-compliance reports to show data, ensure that the DTS package (XMLToDCMTransfer) has executed successfully. This DTS package transfers data from the mapping xml to the DCMSolution database.

Last but not the least, check the start date, end date and collection (if applicable) specified as parameters for the reports.

Note: Please refer to the installation manual / user guide for more details on the Installation of DCM Solution / execution of the DTS Packages.


Ensuring all the above points would help to get the reports show data from a recent DCM run. Thanks!

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