Database Unit Testing Whitepaper Published

I wanted to let you all know that I just published my detailed whitepaper on database unit testing.   Summary: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals is the first toolset to deliver a comprehensive framework for performing database unit tests. This product brings to the data community the same first-class capabilities for…


Reporting Survey

As many of our Team System customers know, a lot of the value that comes from the Visual Studio Team System is in the reporting functionality, providing you direct visibility into the health of your development projects. We’ve tried to create a set of out of box reports to allow you to immediately realize the…

New DB Pro Case Study

Check out this great case study that was recently published showing exactly how Team Edition for Database Professionals has significantly helped Gulf Coast Seal. I love seeing these success stories popping up for DB Pro, especially so quickly after RTM!   Sachin


Programmatic deployment sample

Jamie Laflen, Tech Lead for database unit testing, has put together another great sample showing you how to programmatically deploy your database project using the database unit testing framework.   The scenario here is that you can control the deployment of the database project to happen whenever you want it to during the database unit…


Disabling triggers to support data generation

Jamie Laflen, Tech Lead for database unit testing, has developed a code sample to show you how to automatically disable triggers to support data generation.   The scenario is that you have delete or insert triggers defined on your database that inhibit proper test data generation. So this sample code will allow you to modify…