Database Unit Testing Whitepaper Draft

So I’ve spent the last week authoring a detailed whitepaper on Team Edition for Database Professional’s database unit testing framework. I thought I would post the draft online here prior to publishing it to MSDN.


Summary: Team Edition for Database Professionals is the first toolset to deliver a comprehensive database unit testing framework, bringing the same first-class unit testing capabilities many application developers enjoy today to the data community. This paper explains exactly what database unit testing is, shows you how to go about developing database unit tests using the framework, as well as walks you through how to leverage its rich capabilities to develop an effective database unit testing strategy inside of your organization. (23 pages)


Please let me know any feedback that you have!


Sachin Rekhi

Sachin Rekhi - Database Unit Testing Paper.doc

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  1. Update : Sachin from the DB Pro team has alerted me that indeed creating the script is possible with

  2. Sachin has just published a draft whitepaper on database unit testing using Team Edition for Database Professionals. The whitepaper includes details steps on creating your first unit test; automatic test generation; the standard test conditions available;

  3. Sachin is about to publish a white paper detailing the unit testing capabilities in DBPro . If you are

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