Common Regular Expressions

Gert Drapers has a great post on taking full advantage of the regular expression generator. He shows you some very useful regular expressions that you’ll want to take advantage of in creating meaningful test data using the data generation feature in Team Edition for Database Professionals.   Check it out!   Sachin Rekhi

Process Guidance Incorporating DB Pro Available!

The other major announcement we made this week was that the MSF Process Guidance Templates have been updated to incorporate the new database professional roles and this updated guidance is available today!   We have made updates to both the MSF Agile and MSF for CMMI process guidance templates to incorporate the new database developer…


Team Data Ship Date: November 30, 2006

We officially announced this week at the SQL Pass conference our RTM date for Team Edition for Database Professionals: November 30th this year!   Our customers have been clamoring for this release and we are incredibly amazed with what we have built in the past year. We are super excited to get this in the…


Change in Database Unit Testing RAISERROR Behavior in CTP 7

We have changed the behavior of the usage of the RAISERROR command in database unit tests. Prior to CTP7, a RAISERROR statement of any severity greater than 0 would cause the database unit test to fail. We have changed this behavior based on feedback such that the database unit test will only fail if the…


Change in Test Conditions Generators Extension File in CTP7

I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of a change that we have made in the extensions file for both custom Test Conditions & Generators in CTP7.   We now perform xsd validation over the xml file and thus require the extensions xml to appropriately map to the required xsd. This thus requires all…


DevConnections Presentation: Database Unit Testing

I wanted to make available the other presentation that I gave at Dev Connections in Las Vegas, Nevada this week as well. You can find the title, synopsis, and powerpoint deck below.   SDB310: Database Unit Testing with Team Edition for Database Professionals Come learn how to best leverage Team Edition for Database Professionals for…

DevConnections Presentation: The Database Development Process

This week I attended the Dev Connections series of conferences in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had a great time giving several presentations on Team Edition for Database Professionals, as well as interacting with many excited customers about their experiences thus far with the product.   I thought I would make available to everyone the presentations…

Team Data CTP7 is now Live!

Team Data CTP7 is now Live!   Download it here.   Check out Cameron’s blog post to find out exactly what is new in CTP7.   Sachin Rekhi


Product Documentation is now Live!

Just wanted to take a moment to direct folks to documentation for Team Edition for Database Professionals, which is now live on MSDN!   You can find the root of the content here.   You can find a detailed reference to our Public APIs here.   You will see us updating this documentation in the…