Creating a custom data generator: PersonGenerator

One of the most exciting extensibility points in Team Edition for Database Professionals is the ability to create your own custom data generator. Team Data will ship with a comprehensive set of data generators to generate data for almost all data types as well as to generate more sophisticated data using, for example, regular expressions…


Test Case Management

If you have both Team Data and Test Test (or simply Team Suite), you’ll be able to take advantage of the Test Manager Tool Window and test lists. This provides more sophisticated test case management capabilities.   The most useful aspect of this is the ability to create test lists. You can easily group all…

The Many Ways to Execute Database Unit Tests

I wanted to make sure you were all aware of the various methods of executing database unit tests. I’ve talked with some users who were pleasantly surprised to learn of several of the other options, so I thought I’d throw it up on my blog for everyone’s delight. These should help for those trying to…

A new Team Data Blogger: Mairead

As we get closer to bringing this product to market, my fellow Program Manager, Mairead O’Donovan, has joined the ranks of Team Data Bloggers.   So check out our very own “Data Dudette’s” blog for her perspectives on this great upcoming release…   Sachin Rekhi

Team Data CTP6 Survey

We have just posted a survey that we are seeking our customer’s valuable feedback on based on their experiences with the just released Team Data CTP6.   Please take the time to fill out the survey once you have had a chance to play with the product.   Thanks! Sachin Rekhi


Team Data CTP6 is now available!

The latest and greatest CTP of Team Edition for Database Professionals is now available!   Download Team Data CTP6 here. Find out what is new in CTP6 here.   So please get it and let us know your feedback!   Sachin Rekhi

Upcoming DB Pro Chat!

Wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the upcoming DB Pro chat! Details below… Come and join members from the Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals product group to discuss features available in the product. Experts from all areas of product development will be on hand to answer your questions. Join the chat…

Video on adding transaction support to db unit tests

Learn how to add transaction support to your database unit tests in Team Edition for Database Professionals in order to better manage the database state during your test run.   Sachin Rekhi

Adding transaction support to database unit tests

I wanted to describe how to add transaction support to your database unit tests. In this previous post I motivate why you would want to do this. It’s all about managing the database state prior to and during your test run. For managing the database state at the beginning of a database unit test run,…


Video on Creating a Custom Test Condition

I just put together a 15 minute video on just how you go about creating a custom test condition. So check it out! You’ll see how quickly you can code, deploy, and use a custom test condition to extend the database unit testing functionality in Team Edition for Database Professionals.   You can find the…