Microsoft Gamefest 2011 – Seattle, WA August 22-23, London, England July 14-15, and Tokyo July 29!


From the launch of the new Windows Phone to the award-winning Kinect for Xbox 360 to Windows 7 and Xbox LIVE, Microsoft continues to provide developers with the technologies, tools and services for the world’s best interactive entertainment experiences. Microsoft Gamefest is the place to get the latest information on current technology, hear about upcoming features, and learn about best practices for effectively bringing your entertainment to market.

Join us for two full days of presentations delivered by professionals with experience developing solutions for the industry’s leading titles. Learn about the state of the business, discover new opportunities for reaching and amazing your customers, and explore all the latest tools and technologies for creating entertainment on Microsoft platforms.

Whether you are a programmer, tester, producer, designer, artist, or business development professional, Gamefest has content for you. We look forward to seeing you there!

Past Gamefest conference content can be viewed here.


Gamefest Seattle, WA August 22-23 2011

Gamefest London, England July 14-15 2011

Gamefest Tokyo, Japan July 29 2011

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