Patterns-Based Development with Silverlight Series

Rob Bagby has started a new series (blog posts and screencasts) on Patterns-Based Development with Silverlight.  The series illustrates various design patterns while building a sample application (see screenshot below).  The patterns covered include the Repository, the Pipeline, the Service Agent and Model View ViewModel.


Windows Azure World Tour with David Chappell

This week our team hosted the silicon valley stop (at our Mountain View campus) in David Chappell’s world-wide tour to talk about the impact of cloud computing, and latest developments on the Windows Azure Platform. David Chappell’s talk looked at the Windows Azure platform and what it means for enterprises. The topics he covered include:…


Good luck, Rob

One of the best things about any job is the personal and professional relationships you get to make.  Recently Rob Bagby announced that he was leaving our team (and potentially Microsoft).  While I am disappointed to lose a great teammate and a friend that I get to work with quite a bit, I am very…


Architect Cafe | October 2009 Series | Online Webcasts

October 27, 2009 at 11:00am – 12:30pm PST An Architect’s perspective on Silverlight 3 Tim Heuer Many .NET developers are becoming more and more interested in the Rich Internet Application development space, and in particular Silverlight.  In this session we will step back from a detailed implementation technology and take a higher level look at…


CloudCamp Los Angeles

I had the opportunity to speak at the CloudCamp Los Angeles event last week. It had a turnout of more than 200 people (223 registered attendees on eventbrite). We also had nice support from the local Microsoft team, including Daniel Egan, Woody Pewitt, Lynn Langit, and Jason Campbell. Many of our friends also turned up,…


Architect Innovation Cafe – October 2009 Series

October 28, 2009 at 11:00am – 12:30pm PSTDeploying Windows 7 from an Infrastructure Architect’s Perspective (View Recording | Download Slides)Doug KlokowWe’ll discuss 5 key areas centered on deploying Windows 7:  Developing business justification – Evaluate the capabilities provided by Windows 7 and develop a plan for how to realize business value from these solutions; Where…


Netflix uses Silverlight & Smooth Streaming to stream the Wizard of Oz to America

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, and the re-release by Warner Brothers of an HD version of the movie, Netflix has launched a website to stream the movie for FREE to anyone in America on October 3rd. Netflix also hosted a free, live concert and outdoor movie screening on Tuesday, September 29th,…