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Architect Cafe

Architect Innovation Cafe is a monthly online webcast series of events, hosted by Microsoft. Here you can find a listing of all past events, as well as scheduled upcoming events. For the Architect Council quarterly in-person briefing series, please visit

December 2009 Series

Securing REST-Based Services with Access Control Service – December 22, 2009
Michele Leroux Bustamante – Chief Architect, IDesign

November 2009 Series

An Architect’s perspective on Silverlight 3 – November 24, 2009
Tim Heuer - Senior Program Manager, Silverlight, Microsoft

Cloud-computing architecture – designing multi-tenant applications on Windows Azure – November 25, 2009
Joseph Hofstader – Architect/Evangelist, Microsoft

October 2009 Series

Deploying Windows 7 from an Infrastructure Architect’s Perspective – October 28, 2009
Doug Klokow – Architect, Microsoft

September 2009 Series

From the Trenches: Using Architectural Skills to Increase Solution Adoption Success Rates – September 28, 2009
Jim Wilt - Chief Software Architect for Metrics Reporting Inc.

Software as a Service in the Cloud – September 29, 2009
Michael Stiefel – Principal of Reliable Software, Inc.

August 2009 Series

Role of the Architect in Turbulent Times – August 24, 2009
Miha Kralj – Architect, Microsoft

A Closer Look at an Internet Service Bus – August 25, 2009
Clemens Vasters – Principal Technical Lead .NET Services, Microsoft

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