August Online Architect Council

ARCHITECT COUNCIL | Innovation is the Name of the Game

Architects:  Adverse times are also best times for innovation!  Choosing
the right battles to fight, and reinventing ourselves with less resources are par
for the course today.  However, not all innovation needs to be revolutionary
or transformative. In fact, in the current economic crisis, opportunities for innovation
can be found in aspects of our core competencies, and implemented as incremental and
iterative changes.

For this series of Architect Council live webcasts on August 24 and 25,
we will discuss two of the many ways architects can innovate by recognizing the impact
to architects, and learning how to effectively leverage cloud computing beyond just
another place to host existing assets.


DAY 1 – August 24, 2009 at Noon PST

Role of the Architect in Turbulent Times  --  Event ID:  1032423112

Miha Kralj – Architect, Microsoft

With faltering economies and the resulting shift of priorities - architects must be
ready for change in their role. Innovative new technologies such as Cloud Based Computing,
Software as a Service and Virtualization open up new and exciting opportunities for
architects to show value in their organizations.   In this session we will
discuss how the role of the architect has changed, introduce new architectural patterns,
and show how to "do more with less".

Link to Register:  ARCHITECT
COUNCIL | Innovation is the Name of the Game Day 1 Live Meeting


DAY 2 – August 25, 2009 at Noon PST

A Closer Look at an Internet Service Bus  --  Event ID:  1032423113

Clemens Vasters – Program Manager .NET Online Services, Microsoft

Look under the hood of the Microsoft .NET Services service bus - the protocols we
use- and how to use the services from non-Microsoft platforms and languages. 
Learn which part of the messages and requests the Building Block service inspects,
which parts are not inspected, and how you can verify this.  Also, learn how
to work through NAT and Firewall limitations.   Lastly, hear about architecture
on the Data Center side that enables "Internet scale”.

Link to Register:  ARCHITECT
COUNCIL | Innovation is the Name of the Game Day 2 Live Meeting


Miha Kralj

As a senior architect on the Microsoft Platform Architecture Team, Miha Kralj is responsible
for leading architectural communities, helping the architectural profession to mature
and grow, and coordinating activities within professional architectural organizations
and bodies. Miha is a Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA), Project Management Professional
(PMP), and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He was also
a founding member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) chapters in Slovenia and


Clemens Vasters

Clemens Vasters is a Principal Technical Lead in the .NET Services team, working in
an architect role on the 'Service Bus' feature area and acting – more behind the scenes
– as the architect for the Billing feature area and as the architect/lead developer
for the internal Provisioning infrastructure of .NET Services. Before joining Microsoft
some 3 years ago, Clemens spoke at many conferences, taught technology, and helped
companies with software architecture in over 35 countries.

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