Startups Cootendy and Overcast Media Adopt Silverlight

Two very interesting startups in the Seattle area have adopted Silverlight, Cootendy’s WaresDinner site for foodies and Overcast Media’s new overcast player.  


WaresDinner offers exotic dinner party experience kits containing fair trade wares. They establish a fair trade US market for World artists through a dinner party kit featuring the tableware and culinary traditions of the artist’s country. Customers buy an “experience kit” containing all the components needed to create an exotic culinary experience, including hand-made table linens, menus, shopping list, wine pairing advice, indigenous music, invitations, country and artist profiles, and on-line support and suppliers.  Since the consumer acquires collectible table ware, Cootendy’s goal is to make the investment and dinner experience lasting.  Bringing people together to share both the cooking and the experience of new cuisines, capitalizes on the demand for unique culinary experiences, the expanding global market for ethnic items, and the desire to support a socially conscious business.


Overcast Media is enabling a new shared entertainment experience through the interplay of user-generated content and professional digital media.  They allow any user to augment media, like television shows and movies, with audio commentary, Web links, and ‘pop-up video’ style text and graphics.  This is fondly called “overcasting”.  Overcasts can be shared on the Web and are distributed independently from the video.  Recently, they have developed a Silverlight player to generate and play user-generated overcast content. 

Worth noting, Overcast Media has developed a patent-pending ‘Relative Timeline Technology’ that enables an “author once, sync everywhere” media playback capability. The technology normalizes for file format and timing variances found across video sources.  Overcasting provides incentive for viewers to become deeply involved in a show’s community and gives them a reason to watch a show (or portion) more than once.  This translates to increased advertising opportunities and better audience data by drawing users to online content.


IdentityMine is a design and development partner that assisted Overcast Media in building the Silverlight player for overcasting.


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