John L Scott Real Estate Looks to WPF and Software + Services

Microsoft uses the term "Software+Services" to describe a vision of computing that harmonizes client and server software with cloud services [S+S Strategy].  Rich software components that either exist on client machines or installed on-premise within a datacenter can leverage building block components that exist as cloud services.  In many ways, this is not much different than, let’s say, accessing software components (such as Web services perhaps) in one’s own datacenter in order to build composite applications.

Microsoft’s broad platform offering gives customers a rich set of choices to weave together applications from growing collection of software and service offerings.  In this particular post I’d like to address a combination of rich client (RIA) technology, namely Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft’s Live Services cloud offering, and on-premise assets that are brought together as one cohesive solution.  To make matters more interesting, this ‘solution’ addresses a real world business scenario.  The company in question that is testing and honing this model in John L. Scott Real Estate.

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