Eduify Innovates to the Edge – BizSpark, Azure..


Eduify is a web application and its mission is to give every student the tools and services they so critically need to become better writers and more importantly deliver to President Obama’s impetus to re-invigorate education in America.

So before we talk about Eduify capabilities here is a real life scenario of a high school kid going through a very scattered process writing a paper.

T1 – Starting to thinking about the paper while at home

T2 – Next starting then start writing on a word processor at school.

T3 – Next at a friends house searching for sources and copy the quotes down by hand

T4 – Next writing the bibliography at home

T5 – Next proofreading the paper while on the bus

T6 – Finally turn it in the paper

With Eduify, a student can start writing in their web browser, find guidance from the available paper templates available, do research within the editor, have those sources automatically formatted, run the paper through a proofreader and plagiarism checker, and ask for help from family or friends when necessary.

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