Thinking of Starting a Business

Have you thought about starting a business or have started one in last three years?  If so, you need to know about BizSpark from Microsoft.  This program enables you to obtain software for free to help start your business.  I’m talking about full versions of Visual Studio Team Suite, SQL Server, SharePoint, Windows Server and just about everything you need to get up and running for free.  These are production licenses, not just development licenses.

Read the full article on Joe Shirey’s blog at

Comments (4)

  1. wadeyoung81 says:

    I’ve actually tried the program. It’s no joke – that’s for sure. Anyone looking to organize their business aspect of things should look into it.


  2. Derek says:

    I don’t know if this may disqualify me from the BizSpark program, but I can’t seem to find any way to contact Joe Shirley!  I can’t seem to find a contact form or email address for him anywhere.  His own blog states “please contact me and I will get you signed up”, but provides no contact medium.

  3. dpeuswr says:

    Hi Derek – we can help with that too (use the email link on this blog), or you can reach out to Joe directly at

  4. imergent63 says:

    Thanks a lot for the article i will try as much as possible to improve on my skills from the advices in the article. I found a lot of worthy things from this post. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging. Looking forward to reading your next post.

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