Follow up from Denver Visual Studio User Group

Thanks to everyone that turned out for my presentation on Monday night.  It was
definitely a good time and I was impressed with the number of people that are either
doing Office based development or are considering it.

A couple of notes from the presentation:

  • Most of my demos and source code can be found from a blog posting I did a while back
    for the launch event in Denver/Phoenix.  If you want to get the code I would
    recommend reviewing this
  • If you are interested in Server Side Generation of documents see this
    MSDN article
    which is excellent.
  • I showed how to integrate SharePoint columns within the documents in that library
    and have posted
    about it in the past
  • At the end of the presentation I showed a little bit about how you can use the new Open
    to read/write document in a much easier fashion.  If you have interest
    in the Open XML file formats you can see a lot of information at
  • At the beginning of the presentation, we talked briefly about Photosynth, Mesh,
    and Live Family Safety

Hope everyone had a good time and we will see you in the near future.

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