Azure Guest OS Family 1 End of Life: June 2014

Customers with deployed application assets running in Windows Azure are actually running on an automatically provisioned VM under the covers that we patch and maintain if the customer doesn’t opt out.  The version of this underlying OS is referred to as the ‘Guest OS Family’ as it’s largely abstracted from an application’s deployment since its…


Windows Azure Storage Tools

One of the most comprehensive listings of tools available (and whether or not they are free or fee-based) for Windows Azure storage is posted here.  Worth checking out if you’re in need of tooling to manually review data stored in Windows Azure.


Scaling Tasks Horizontally Across multiple nodes using the Task Parallel Library in .NET 4.5

Super computers and parallel processing have long been a complex topic to address in Computer Science. Practical applications of these algorithms typically involve massive datasets that can be easily broken down and distributed across many computational nodes (such as the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer).  Workloads that are good candidates for parallelization are scientific data analysis such…


Cluttered Desktop? Try this!

Background: I’m not usually one to endorse products; but I have to admit that I’ve fallen into the category of users who tend to drop files ‘to-look-at-later’ onto my desktop.  [Side-note: This is an extremely in-efficient means of organization and things tend to get lost in the weeds if you don’t regularly circle back and…


SharePoint: The Case of the Disappearing Terms from a Managed Metadata Column

 I was working with a customer who had a tag used for associating a specific document with a geography/region as shown in the image below.  Managed metadata columns are a feature in SharePoint 2010 permitting you to add specialized/pre-defined term sets to a particular content type.  In my customer’s case, they had a document library…


SharePoint: Batch updating items in a list with content approval enabled

Details I was recently looking for a way to batch update items in a list that had “Require Content approval” (see Figure 1 below) enabled.  My requirement was that, after updating the item, it would be in an approved and not be placed into a pending status.  After doing some digging I was able to…


Transferring large blobs of data with WCF

Series Introduction Since Windows Communication Foundation’s (WCF) introduction with the .NET Framework 3.0, developers have quickly realized the potential and power available with WCF while overall reducing the net amount of code one has to write and support to allow applications to communicate.  Since connected systems are a strong driver to reduce costs and improve…