Channel 9 Live from TechEd Europe – Ask Bart about Rx and LINQ!

Got a question about Rx or LINQ? Join us on Channel 9 Live, streaming from TechEd Europe in Amsterdam.

For the full schedule, see Iā€™m on at 2:45PM local time, so tweet any questions you have about Rx or LINQ then.

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  1. Roger says:

    Thanks for the link, I am doing a big job for a client soon with LINQ and need to find out as much as I can before next week!

    Still studying for the ultimate Cisco Certification! <a href="…/a&gt;

  2. aL says:

    hi šŸ™‚

    i asked about the bcl and i'd like to clarify  a little why i'm nagging about that..

    i didnt find this blog post until i posted over on c9 though,…/Bart-De-Smet-Rx-20-RC-Time-Error-Handling-SafeSubscribe-and-More

    Anyhow, i just wanted to clear that up šŸ™‚ rx is awsome and i'd just like to see the bar of entry as low as possible.

    i'm only suggesting that the super stable core should be in the framework, fast pace releases could still be made on nuget šŸ™‚

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