Channel 9 Live from TechEd Europe – Ask Bart about Rx and LINQ!

Got a question about Rx or LINQ? Join us on Channel 9 Live, streaming from TechEd Europe in Amsterdam. For the full schedule, see I’m on at 2:45PM local time, so tweet any questions you have about Rx or LINQ then.


“Strong name validation failed” error with Rx v2.0 Release Candidate

Over the last 24 hours, we’ve received a number of mails and forum messages on an issue with the current Rx v2.0 Release Candidate bits, causing “Strong name validation failed” errors when using the binaries for platforms other than .NET 4.5 and .NET for Metro style apps. We’ve been able to repro the issue and…

Reactive Extensions v2.0 Release Candidate available now!

Three months after the release of Reactive Extensions v2.0 Beta, we’re happy to announce the availability of our next milestone build for the Rx v2.0 product cycle! Today, we released the Release Candidate (RC) build to the Download Center and NuGet, ready for you to start playing around. This post will highlight important things you…


Testing Rx Queries using Virtual Time Scheduling

Lately, we’ve been talking to a lot of customers (both internally and externally) on their use of Rx. Quite often, meetings like these end up explaining various concepts in Rx, ranging from observable sequences, over subjects, to … schedulers. Talking about schedulers almost always leads to a discussion on how to test Rx queries using…