Reactive Extensions v1.0 Stable and v1.1 Experimental available now!

We're happy to announce the first official releases of Reactive Extensions v1.0 Stable and v1.1 Experimental:

More information will be available on Channel 9 and the Rx forums. Also check out the Rx homepage on MSDN Data Developer Center.

Together with the release of Rx v1.0 RTW and Rx v1.1 Experimental, we've brought back the Interactive Extensions (Ix) v1.1 Experimental:

Thanks for the continuous feedback we received over the last few years, building and growing Rx to what it has become today.

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  1. bankoh says:

    What  is the equivalent of MutableDisposable(AssignmentBehavior.ReplaceAndDisposePrevious) in the final release? Is it MultipleAssignmentDisposable ?

  2. Rx Enthusiast says:

    What happened to the IEvent<TEventArgs> ?!

  3. bartde says:

    @bankoh – Check out SerialDisposable.

  4. bartde says:

    @Rx Enthusiast – There turned out be only one implementation of the interface, basically with "smart fields" aka properties and it was hard to imagine other types that'd implement it. So we swapped it out by a concrete EventPattern<TEventArgs> type instead.

  5. Judah Gabriel Himango says:

    Awesome! An official v1.0 product release. Very nice, guys! Rx is a powerful framework; more people need to know about this.

  6. Garrett Davis says:

    I see that FastSubject<T> is now Subject<T>. What happened to the old implementation of Subject<T> where I could provide a scheduler? Am I supposed to use a ReplaySubject<T> of size 0?

  7. Try this:

    var s = Subject.Synchronize(new Subject<T>(), scheduler);

  8. Bydia says:

    What is the difference of this release and the Rx_All v1.0.2856.0 release also this month?

  9. Arash says:

    althogh its too hard to work with but I love it!  Thank you

  10. v1.0.2856.0 is pretty old, stick with v1.0.10621.0 or v1.1.10621.0

  11. @Arash, why is it too hard?  what is tripping you up?  perhaps, we can help you or improve the documentation in those areas.

  12. Ben says:

    I've been upgrading from build 1.0.2856 to 1.1.10621 and managed towork out most of the changes, but I can't work out what happened to the concurrent collections that were in System.Collections.Concurrent in the Silverlight 4 (and probably .Net35) version?


  13. Don says:

    Are there any plans on including the Rx framework as a core feature in the .NET framework?

  14. MM says:

    ReplaySubject is cool. I would consider the items keyed by something e.g. publishing 1, 2,3,1 …

    the subscriber who joins later should only get 1,2,3  ..

  15. gnt says:

    hi, Hi wanna call the CombineLatest() methode but i cant find it…

    IObservable<Bit> x;

    IObservable<Bit> y;


    any help

  16. Igorbek says:


    When do you plan to release next version of Rx for javaScript (RxJS)?

    I have a problem with it:

    I need to get some meta information about RxJS, so i used RxJS.dll.

    But it depends on sscorlib.dll (library of old version Script#)? that is not in redistributable package of RxJS.

    And I can't find this dll anywhere (( I contact with Script# developer, and he don't have old version too (((

    1. When you plan to release new version of RxJS?

    2. Is it possible to give me RxJS package WITH Script# dependency libraries?

    3. Or is it possible to give me RxJS source, and I compile it with latest Script# by myself?

    Thanx, Igor.

  17. Phillip Trelford says:

    You released an experimental release of Rx that works is compatible with Silverlight 5 back in June 2011.

    Silverlight 5 was released back in December 2011.

    When is the next stable release for Silverlight 5 and other platforms planned?

    Thanks in advance,


    P.S. It would great to see Rx available as open source so that it can be supported by the community.

  18. bartde says:

    The 1.0 SP1 release contains a supported version for Silverlight 5.

  19. Phillip Trelford says:

    Thanks Bart, didn't even realise the SP1 release existed (it's not obvious from Rx download page…/gg577610).

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