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With the release of Reactive Extensions RC1, we are now in the final stages of preparing for our first official release on the .NET Framework and Silverlight as well as our out-of-band release for Windows Phone.  We have told you that documentation would be available with the official release and we are pleased to give you the first pre-release documentation for the Reactive Extensions.

Please take a look at both the conceptual docs and the reference docs.  Read over them and give us feedback.  I know the doc writers would love to hear from you about everything from sample scenarios to punctuation.  Post your feedback here and we will update the docs (both before and after the official release).

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  1. Really glad to see this! Great introduction to Rx in the "When Will You Use Rx" section. Feedback:

     * The EventHandler and ISubject code snippets were a little confusing, because I did not realize they showed lines from separate, undeclared methods. For example, I wondered where "args" was declared.

     * Top-level "Subjects" topic does not have a link to "Using Subjects" (see…/hh242969%28v=VS.103%29.aspx). You can only get to the topic from the "When Will You Use Rx" section.

    "Using Subjects"

     * Section opens with discussion about schedulers and syncrhonization. Link to those topics so I can read up.

     * "Hot" and "Cold" observable used at the end of the section w/out introduction. Define or link to their definition.

    "Creating and Subscribing to Simple Observable Sequences"

     * The example at the end says "In the following example, we convert the previous cold observable sequence source to a hot one…", but that is not true. In cold example, the sequence is:

     IObservable<int> source = Observable.Generate(0, i => i < 5, i => i + 1, i => i * i);

    but in the hot example it is:

    var source = Observable.Interval(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1));

  2. Thanks for all your valuable comments Justin. We will definitely fix these issues in the final release.

    Tiffena Kou

    Technical Writer of the Rx Team

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