Rx Christmas Release 2010 – Introducing Join and GroupJoin operators (and more)

Build 1.0.2838.0 12/24/2010 – Rx Christmas Release 2010 Rx.NET New: support for joins in Rx. This includes two new operators, Join and GroupJoin, which have query expression support too: This work will be covered on Channel 9 in much more detail. We’ll update this post with a link to the video when it’s online. Here’s…


Rx for Windows Phone 7

Today we released a downloadable version of Rx for Windows Phone 7. This might sound confusing as Rx already ships in the ROM of Windows Phone 7.  Why have two separate releases? Let’s look at the pros and cons for both: Embedded release Pros:     -bits are already there, no need to add additional assemblies…


Rx packages available on NuPack

As of today’s release, Rx packages are avaiable on NuPack. To get the packages, install the latest NuPack build and search for Rx Let us know what you think of this new distribution channel on the Rx forum


Rx Design Guidelines

We just released the Reactive Extension Design Guidelines. A document full with info on consuming and producing observable streams. Please let us know what you think of the document and the guidelines. Which guidelines do you love, hate, find confusing. Feedback is welcome here on the Rx forum. We’ll update the guidelines whenever new content…


Release Notes

Build 1.0.2787.0 10/28/2010 Rx.NET Added XNA 4.0 Xbox 360 support. Added Windows Phone 7 support. Fixed xna crash in CurrentThreadScheduler. Removed conflict of EnumerableEx.Zip and Enumerable.Zip on Silverlight 4. Fixed ForkJoin bug on empty source. Added drain operator. Added Rx extension methods to BCL via System.Reactive.ClientProfile and System.Reactive.ExtendedProfile assemblies. Fixed bug to ensure subjects clear…


Rx Hands-On Labs published

Hi folks, Yesterday, we released two hands-on labs on Rx both for .NET and for JS. The goal of those two documents is to present the reader with a gentle introduction into the subject, based on a series of incremental samples. This is based on a series on internal presentations we gave on the subject,…


Reactive Extensions for JavaScript

We’re proud to announce the availability of Reactive Extensions for Javascript. This port brings the power of Reactive programming to JavaScript. It allows you to use the Rx combinators in JavaScript and it does this in a download size of less than 7Kb (GZipped). RxJS provides easy to use conversions from existing DOM, XmlHttpRequest and…


Your Rx.NET Prescription has been refilled

Today, we released a new version of Reactive Extensions for .NET. This new version is a good reason to end the long video silence on C9. Here, Wes, Bart, and Jeff discuss the various changes in this release, why it took so long, and what we have been doing these last couple of months. Rx…