A few updates and links

Some folks have been inquiring about the sampel code that I had on my blog. Since my web host was changed and the content was lost, I’ve moved the code to CodePlex. I’ve pruned the samples, and made them availabled here. What’s included: Converting WPF BitmapSource <-> GDI+ Bitmap Metadata Walker Using WPF InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter Also,…


Using WPF’s InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter

Many folks have tried to use the WPF Imaging InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter class without much success. Unfortunately the SDK sample provided only shows how to use this with PNG files… and this is less than ideal since folks are mainly interested in metadata on their JPEGs and TIFFs. The InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter is a way to invoke WIC’s IWICFastMetadataEncoder,…


DJ Tiësto & Windows Vista

Some of you who know me better know that I’m a huge DJ Tiësto fan… even before he was vote #1 DJ in the world. Having been a bad fan lately and not checking out the fan website recently, I figured I’d check it today. To my surprise there’s now a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget…


WPF BitmapSource and GDI+ Bitmap Interop

Many folks in the forums (most recent post) have been asking how to interop BitmapSources (from WPF) with the Bitmap object that was known in .NET 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0. Being that this has come up in the forums many times, I figured I’d put together a small sample. The sample a WinForm app utilizing…


.NET Fx 3.0 RTM is out!

.NET Framework 3.0 RTM’d! Go download it! If you want the SDK, here it is.


So you wrote a WIC enabled CODEC… Does it work?

After reading this blog, Peggi’s whitepaper, and the MSDN Documentation, you decided to write a CODEC for an image file type. The CODEC was even tested in WICExplorer. Great! Now you hope that the CODEC is fully functional… meaning that you can use it from the Windows Vista shell, Windows Vista Photo Gallery, and any…


MSDN Article on how to write a WIC CODEC

Peggi, Lead PM on WIC, put together a most excellent write up for all of the things that go into writing a CODEC for WIC. It covers everything from the required interfaces that need to be implemented to which registry keys are required. The article is now up on MSDN. Check it out here! If…


Cool Traffic Map Demo

Lorin on the WPF SDK team put together a really nice sample for the Seattle area traffic map. You can see it here.


Can’t view images with WinFx Beta 2?

Some folks are hitting an issue where they cannot view images after installing WinFx Beta 2 on Windows XP. We’re currently investigating this issue further, however a work around is available. If you happen to be hitting this problem, please follow these steps: Uninstall WinFx Beta 2. Uninstall the WIC redistributable package by running: %windir%\$NtUninstallWIC$\spuninst\spuninst.exe…


Updated WICExplorer, AIT CODEC, RGB Effect…

WICExplorer, AIT CODEC, and RGB Effect are now updated for Beta 2. AIT CODEC Code (Beta 2): AITCodec_code.zip AIT CODEC Compiled (Beta 2): AITCodec_compiled.zip AIT CODEC Code (Beta 2): Code is also found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v1.0\samples\WPFSamples.zip in the Imaging folder.   WICExplorer Code (Beta 2): WICExplorer_code.zip WICExplorer Compiled (Beta 2): WICExplorer_compiled.zip WICExplorer Compiled (Beta…