A few updates and links

Some folks have been inquiring about the sampel code that I had on my blog. Since my web host was changed and the content was lost, I’ve moved the code to CodePlex. I’ve pruned the samples, and made them availabled here. What’s included: Converting WPF BitmapSource <-> GDI+ Bitmap Metadata Walker Using WPF InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter Also,…

WIC Tools now available!

The following WIC Tools are now available from the Microsoft Download Center… with source code! WICGrinder (updated!) WICExplorer Sample CODEC, metadata handler, pixel formats Click here to download the code! Also here.


Using WPF’s InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter

Many folks have tried to use the WPF Imaging InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter class without much success. Unfortunately the SDK sample provided only shows how to use this with PNG files… and this is less than ideal since folks are mainly interested in metadata on their JPEGs and TIFFs. The InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter is a way to invoke WIC’s IWICFastMetadataEncoder,…


HD Photo Beta Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Have you been eye-ing the new HD Photo format? Are you an avid user of Adobe’s Photoshop? Well, now you can give HD Photo a whirl in Photoshop CS2 (or the CS3 beta). Download the HD Photo Plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

CMYK Color Profile Posted

For those of you using CMYK images in your workflow using WIC, you’ll want to download the CMYK profile that was posted a few days ago. Enjoy.


DJ Tiësto & Windows Vista

Some of you who know me better know that I’m a huge DJ Tiësto fan… even before he was vote #1 DJ in the world. Having been a bad fan lately and not checking out the fan website recently, I figured I’d check it today. To my surprise there’s now a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget…


So you wrote a WIC enabled CODEC… Does it work?

After reading this blog, Peggi’s whitepaper, and the MSDN Documentation, you decided to write a CODEC for an image file type. The CODEC was even tested in WICExplorer. Great! Now you hope that the CODEC is fully functional… meaning that you can use it from the Windows Vista shell, Windows Vista Photo Gallery, and any…


WIC RC1 Download!

For those who have been waiting for a standalong download of the WIC redistributable, here it is: x86: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=a6e324c4-ae01-4725-a92e-2b38beaf34c0&DisplayLang=en x64: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=597A3323-4D48-4993-9CF9-B486856436F2&displaylang=en

MSDN Article on how to write a WIC CODEC

Peggi, Lead PM on WIC, put together a most excellent write up for all of the things that go into writing a CODEC for WIC. It covers everything from the required interfaces that need to be implemented to which registry keys are required. The article is now up on MSDN. Check it out here! If…

Interested in Windows Media Photo?

Bill Crow has a really great blog about Windows Media Photo. Interested in finding out more about this new image format? Head over to his blog!