Implementing a Custom CODEC for the WindowsCodecs Extensibility System

As the name implies, a CODEC is a enCOder and DECoder. In the case of WindowsCodecs, Microsoft provides a set of APIs that allow our customers to implement their own CODEC for their custom image file format. Like this anyone who utilizes the WindowsCodecs APIs will be able to take advantage of all of the…


Working on implementing a CODEC

As I mentioned last week, I would be sharing a test implementation of a CODEC built for the WindowsCodecs extensibility system. This work is progressing along nicely… the CODEC is full written and working. However, there were a few snags that I hit… which, unfortunately, are snags that will be hit by others as well….


Introducing WindowsCodecs!

Last night, Pablo made a post to the Avalon newsgroups about WindowsCodecs… To quote him directly: We are pleased to announce that the documentation for Avalon’s Windows CODECs is now posted on MSDN. component of Avalon/Windows Presentation Foundation provides an extensible mechanism for supporting different imaging formats.  An application that uses these APIs can open/save…

My next Avalon Imaging sample…

I just posted my next Avalon Imaging sample. This one is an entire one devoted to ImageEffectGlow.   More samples coming next week!


Avalon Imaging Samples

Recently I’ve been playing around with the PDC build of Longhorn at home along with the PDC build of Whidbey. I figured that I would write up some samples using both of these. In particular, I wanted to write some samples of how to use some Avalon Imaging APIs.   I just posted the…

Interesting read…

DonXML discusses some interesting viewpoints on SVG and Avalon… SVG is definitely a very hot standard. I’m very excite about it as I wrote about it back in July.


Longhorn Blogs!

Scoble points to his new Longhorn specific blog… I’ve got one too courtesy of Robert McLaws. Here’s the Cowboy Wlodarczyk Longhorn Blog. Also check out

Longhorn, MSBuild…

Two things to watch out for: Longhorn Developer Center MSBuild talks at PDC


Developers 37 times!!!

Don Box points to this very funny PDC spoof video. Go check it out.


WS’s and Longhorn

Charles Cooper of CNET has an interesting take on Longhorn and Web Services. Ok, so he says that big companies aren’t abandoning ship on J2EE just because Ballmer says .NET is better… But in fact, if you look at the toolset provided by, developing Web Services with .NET is far easier than anything in…