The North Face Demo (& Whitepaper)

Karsten and Darren (of Fluid) posted a whitepaper on how the “The North Face” In-Store Explorer. Definitely a great read. If you wanted to see the video again, here it is…


Windows 2003 Server Compute Cluster Edition

Back before I joined Microsoft a little over 2 years ago, I began working on a project at my university on High-Performance Computing (HPC). We didn’t get too far as this really was more of a few year project and I left the Ph.D. program to join Microsoft. In any case, at the PDC this…


WPF Halos demo

It’s now showcased on WinSuperSite! (In particular this and this.) This is demo of using a listbox containing images with a 3D style applied. All images are decoded using WindowsCodecs.dll!


Microsoft Max

Microsoft Max, built on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) was just announced at the PDC! Great job guys! This app really showcases what can be built on top of the Imaging APIs within WPF. Truly cool stuff! Check it out… UPDATE: Some more press on Max from CNET News.


See you at the PDC

I’m heading off to LA tomorrow for the PDC. Can’t wait… BTW, I’ll be at the “Hands On Labs” mostly… but will also be at the “Ask The Experts” evening.