Developers 37 times!!!

Don Box points to this very funny PDC spoof video. Go check it out.


WS’s and Longhorn

Charles Cooper of CNET has an interesting take on Longhorn and Web Services. Ok, so he says that big companies aren’t abandoning ship on J2EE just because Ballmer says .NET is better… But in fact, if you look at the toolset provided by, developing Web Services with .NET is far easier than anything in…


.NET 18K Checkup

Software Development Times has a check-up article about .NET.


(re)Look at TMC Performance Data

Christophe  points out that TMC re-released its famed report on J2EE vs .NET performance. So, after months and months of re-engineering and getting the “blessing” of the Java community (after a review of what they were doing, massive reconfigurations on their part, etc), .NET still ends up beating or (at worst) matching the performance of…


My article in Hardcore Web Services Magazine

  My article on my Photo Album XML Web Service has been published in August’s issue of Hardcore Web Services Magazine. If you’re a subscriber, here it is.


Thank you to all!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my previous entry. I just got back from a few days away from computers, email, the Internet, and all of the fun stuff. I spent a few days in Cannon Beach, OR… It’s an amazing beach, esp. for those of us who are used to…


WSE 2.0 Rocks!

In the midst of Keith Ballinger’s talk on WSE 2.0. Good stuff!! Can’t wait for it to come out. Two new namespaces (maybe more): – Microsoft.Web.Services.Addressing- Microsoft.Web.Services.Messaging


Changing CPUs != Getting Laid

Great talk! Don Box mentions in his talk that “people who get laid don’t change CPUs in their PCs”… But besides this witty comment, Don’s talk was great. He overviewed lessons learned from past and current technologies. He compares how objects revolutioned programming to how integrated circuits revolutionized electronics. Further he goes onto say how…


Day 1 of 2 @ Applied XML Developer’s Conference

After a long flight because of delays out of New York, I got to Portland, OR really late last night. Today’s the first day of the Applied XML Developer’s Conference. I’ll be giving the lunch demo today on my Photo Album XML Web Service which was my winning entry from the US Imagine Cup Finals….


photoAlbum RSS Module 1.0

I just finished writing and implementing the specification and namespace definition for my photoAlbum RSS Module. This now adds RSS support for my Photo Album Web Service, so if the service is on a live website, you can actually subscribe to the Photo Album and get all the latest changes from there. Suggestions on this…