Atom .NET

I was just talking to Lawrence (who also worked on the RSS.NET implemention with George and myself) and he’s started an Atom.NET project on SourceForge. Very cool stuff.

Interesting prospects

Duncan writes that he will be focusing on the development side of Windows XP Media Center Edition in the upcoming months. This is cool stuff and something that I’ve been playing around with in my spare time. I’d definitely like to play around with this more; I’ve got tons of great ideas for applications for…

Interesting read…

DonXML discusses some interesting viewpoints on SVG and Avalon… SVG is definitely a very hot standard. I’m very excite about it as I wrote about it back in July.


Want to backup your XBOX?

Here’s a .NET project on SourceForge that will let you back up your XBOX to a remote location. Very cool! (SourceFroge Link)


Longhorn, MSBuild…

Two things to watch out for: Longhorn Developer Center MSBuild talks at PDC


SmartPhone in the US!!!!

Check this out… SmartPhone in the US on AT&T Wireless! Thankfully I have AT&T! 😛


Developers 37 times!!!

Don Box points to this very funny PDC spoof video. Go check it out.


New Books I’m Looking Forward To

From aPress (links and text copied from aPress’ Forthcoming Titles list): Developing on Linux with C# and .NET: The Mono ProjectBy Daniel SolinISBN: 1-59059-117-8, 200 pagesThe Mono Project is a complete implementation of Microsoft’s .NET technology in open source code. Developing on Linux with C# and .NET: The Mono Project gets you up to speed fast…


WS’s and Longhorn

Charles Cooper of CNET has an interesting take on Longhorn and Web Services. Ok, so he says that big companies aren’t abandoning ship on J2EE just because Ballmer says .NET is better… But in fact, if you look at the toolset provided by, developing Web Services with .NET is far easier than anything in…

3 woes?

Trying to compile in, but can’t because of some mysterious problem since a file cannot be copied? Check out this knowledge base article. Applies to both 2002 and 2003.