A few updates and links

Some folks have been inquiring about the sampel code that I had on my blog. Since my web host was changed and the content was lost, I’ve moved the code to CodePlex. I’ve pruned the samples, and made them availabled here. What’s included: Converting WPF BitmapSource <-> GDI+ Bitmap Metadata Walker Using WPF InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter Also,…

Moving to other blogs…

Just last week, the DirectX blog has gone live! From now on, any posts about WIC will be placed on the DirectX blog. Questions about WIC will continue to be answered in the WIC Forums on MSDN. Also, in a short while I’ll be setting up my own blog which won’t be focused on WIC….


Metadata Working Group 1.01 Spec Published

Just today the Metadata Working Group posted the version 1.01 of their guidance. There are a few changes: clarification around location removal of Exif UserComment from the “Description” guidance clarification around “Date/Time” addition of “Implementation Notes” section