HD Photo Beta Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Have you been eye-ing the new HD Photo format? Are you an avid user of Adobe’s Photoshop? Well, now you can give HD Photo a whirl in Photoshop CS2 (or the CS3 beta). Download the HD Photo Plugin for Adobe Photoshop.


HDView from MSR

Just announced at MSR Techfest yesterday… Ever wonder how you view gigapixel images? Or how do you even go about creating gigapixel images using somewhat commodity equipment? MSR just released a tool that’s built on the WIC APIs and uses HD Photo as its backing store. Check out their website. Equipment and methodologies used Make…


CMYK Color Profile Posted

For those of you using CMYK images in your workflow using WIC, you’ll want to download the CMYK profile that was posted a few days ago. Enjoy.


DJ Tiësto & Windows Vista

Some of you who know me better know that I’m a huge DJ Tiësto fan… even before he was vote #1 DJ in the world. Having been a bad fan lately and not checking out the fan website recently, I figured I’d check it today. To my surprise there’s now a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget…