Microsoft PhotoInfo Released

If you're looking to add IPTC and other pieces of metadata from Windows Explorer, Microsoft PhotoInfo is the tool for you! Check it out.

Comments (2)

  1. gcoupe says:

    Well, two things:

    a) It’s only IPTC IIMv4, it doesn’t fully support IPTC4XMP…

    b) on files that have had their metadata touched by IDimager (another IPTC and XMP metadata editor), when I try to open them with Photo Info, I get the following message from Photo Info:

    "A file system I/O error occurred. Please check that files are not locked and that you have appropriate permissions in the folder"

    I also notice that even though I select a single file, if I get this error, then Photo Info reports that I have "1,414 or 2,304 files selected", which is clearly nonsense.

    Photo Info version 1.0 needs to progress a bit before I’ll continue to use it…

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