Working on implementing a CODEC

As I mentioned last week, I would be sharing a test implementation of a CODEC built for the WindowsCodecs extensibility system. This work is progressing along nicely... the CODEC is full written and working. However, there were a few snags that I hit... which, unfortunately, are snags that will be hit by others as well. Here are the work-arounds for the two issues:

  1. WINCODEC_SDK_VERSION is incorrect. In the wincodec.h that is shipped with the WinFX Beta 1 SDK, this version is set to 0x0228. The correct version is 0x0229.

    On line 213 of wincodec.h, replace:

    #define WINCODEC_SDK_VERSION 0x0228


    #define WINCODEC_SDK_VERSION 0x0229

  2. If you #include <wincodec.h> you'll get build errors:

    c:\program files\microsoft sdks\winfx\include\wincodec.h(463) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier '__RPC__in'
    c:\program files\microsoft sdks\winfx\include\wincodec.h(466) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier '__RPC__inout'
    c:\program files\microsoft sdks\winfx\include\wincodec.h(473) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier '__RPC__out'

    In order to work-around this, please download the rpcsal.h and on line 32 of wincodec.h add:

    #include "rpcsal.h"

Alternatively, you can get the updated wincodec.h and rpcsal.h from here.

As for the CODEC itself, I should have it up here by the end of the week. It's code complete, I just need to write it up a bit before I post it.

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  1. As the name implies, a CODEC is a enCOder and DECoder. In the case of WindowsCodecs, Microsoft provides…

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