WindowsCodecs Image & Metadata Viewer

Some of you out there have already been taking a look at the WindowsCodecs APIs and have begun building new CODECs for the WindowsCodecs Extensibility System. This is goodness! However, you’re probably wondering if the CODEC that you’re doing will “play nicely” in a generic application built on top of the WindowsCodecs APIs… one where…


The North Face Demo (& Whitepaper)

Karsten and Darren (of Fluid) posted a whitepaper on how the “The North Face” In-Store Explorer. Definitely a great read. If you wanted to see the video again, here it is…


Windows 2003 Server Compute Cluster Edition

Back before I joined Microsoft a little over 2 years ago, I began working on a project at my university on High-Performance Computing (HPC). We didn’t get too far as this really was more of a few year project and I left the Ph.D. program to join Microsoft. In any case, at the PDC this…

WPF Halos demo

It’s now showcased on WinSuperSite! (In particular this and this.) This is demo of using a listbox containing images with a 3D style applied. All images are decoded using WindowsCodecs.dll!

Microsoft Max

Microsoft Max, built on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) was just announced at the PDC! Great job guys! This app really showcases what can be built on top of the Imaging APIs within WPF. Truly cool stuff! Check it out… UPDATE: Some more press on Max from CNET News.

See you at the PDC

I’m heading off to LA tomorrow for the PDC. Can’t wait… BTW, I’ll be at the “Hands On Labs” mostly… but will also be at the “Ask The Experts” evening.

Implementing a Custom CODEC for the WindowsCodecs Extensibility System

As the name implies, a CODEC is a enCOder and DECoder. In the case of WindowsCodecs, Microsoft provides a set of APIs that allow our customers to implement their own CODEC for their custom image file format. Like this anyone who utilizes the WindowsCodecs APIs will be able to take advantage of all of the…


Working on implementing a CODEC

As I mentioned last week, I would be sharing a test implementation of a CODEC built for the WindowsCodecs extensibility system. This work is progressing along nicely… the CODEC is full written and working. However, there were a few snags that I hit… which, unfortunately, are snags that will be hit by others as well….


Introducing WindowsCodecs!

Last night, Pablo made a post to the Avalon newsgroups about WindowsCodecs… To quote him directly: We are pleased to announce that the documentation for Avalon’s Windows CODECs is now posted on MSDN. component of Avalon/Windows Presentation Foundation provides an extensible mechanism for supporting different imaging formats.  An application that uses these APIs can open/save…

It’s been a long time…

Well, well… It’s been a really long time since I’ve last blogged. Some might say I even fell off the face of the Earth. But fortunately for me, that didn’t happen. This will probably sound pretty trite, but “I’ve been busy”. Really busy. Busy with what you may ask… well… At work we’ve been busy…