My next Avalon Imaging sample…

I just posted my next Avalon Imaging sample. This one is an entire one devoted to ImageEffectGlow.   More samples coming next week!


Avalon Imaging Samples

Recently I’ve been playing around with the PDC build of Longhorn at home along with the PDC build of Whidbey. I figured that I would write up some samples using both of these. In particular, I wanted to write some samples of how to use some Avalon Imaging APIs.   I just posted the…

More details on space plan

A few weeks ago I put up some posts about Bush’s new space plan… Just following up more on this story, he outlined more of this plan today. Read about it here.


Atom .NET

I was just talking to Lawrence (who also worked on the RSS.NET implemention with George and myself) and he’s started an Atom.NET project on SourceForge. Very cool stuff.

Bold Space Initiative

A few weeks ago I posted an article about the possibility of new missions to the moon. Here’s another article along the same lines.   Also, if you’re interested in up-to-date images from the Mars Rover (Spirit), check out this page. Very cool stuff! I can’t wait until they post more photos.

Interesting prospects

Duncan writes that he will be focusing on the development side of Windows XP Media Center Edition in the upcoming months. This is cool stuff and something that I’ve been playing around with in my spare time. I’d definitely like to play around with this more; I’ve got tons of great ideas for applications for…