Half Life 2 Source Code Leaked

Man, this is a disaster. Half Life 2 forums is reporting (and as been confirmed by a PM at Valve) that the SOURCE CODE (yes you read right!) to Half Life 2 has been leaked out.

What this means... the whole new engine for Half Lilfe 2 that so many people have been waiting for is compromised. The whole release of the game is compromised. Horrible.

A sad day for all software companies out there...

So, Valve is asking for everyone's help... if you know anything about this, please email them at  helpvalve@valvesoftware.com.

Comments (11)

  1. denny says:

    Yeah … SUcks!

    wonder what the idea was for this:

    a) bragging rights?

    b) Warez copy "It’s not a crack…. it’s the game"?

    c) perhaps adding a backdoor? and puting it into the valve source files?

    d) creating a spy program of some kind?

    me thinks a & b very possible

    c& d are the scarry ones 🙁

  2. Yikes!! Not good. How does this happen? I’m wondering if this will delay the release as they try and possibly modify the code to prevent the "leaked" version from every working with the master servers….

  3. Jon says:

    Booo, I’m struggling to comprehend the amount of stupidity required to have willingly done this. Unless someone is disgruntled but even then, this is huge! I hope someone rots in prison for a long time over this.

  4. They got hacked big time. What really raises my ire about this… is that now Cheater developers will have the full source, and be able to completely circumvent any anti cheating implementation they try to provide.

  5. Ajay Juneja says:

    Oh, Man… I feel sorry for them… this totally sucks. Only thing I can think of them doing is to change a lot of parameters about how the online gaming is authenticated… but even then, with all the rest of the source code, this could be cracked too 🙁

    sigh… whoever did this… if it was an employee — fire him/her and sue them… this is really terrible!!!

  6. raft says:

    hmm… try to sell games really cheap…this will be the only solution for all this mess…

  7. jim says:

    why is it so bad??

  8. soldat says:

    dont whine just release tha copy as freeware and move on=p they hav earned pretty much from HL1 so those stalinist @ssholes wont profit from it either! its a good lesson learned, next time pull those sources in tha laptop and dun forget to handcuff to it….

  9. uhh says:

    You guys are fuckin upsesed ight its ust a game and it wil come out eventualy ,Chill

  10. Jack The Ripper says:

    Half-life 2 is more just a game, I spend half my life playing the first half-life so yeah Im gonna be excited when the other half of my life is released.

  11. Jack The Ripper says:

    For anyone else who is patiently waiting for this game you can go to http://www.gamespot.com and download the E3 Trailer. This video is a preview of the actual game play, and I am warning you, you won’t be prepared for all the new technology that had been used in this game. It is going to be fun screwing around with the environment variables, because the realistic abilities are insane. Once again Half-Life is going to blow away the competition and for ever change the gaming industry once again.

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