Longhorn Blogs

I may be silent here for a while, but I’ll be active on my Longhorn Blogs blog.



Chris Sells talks about some good methods for networking 🙂


Interesting read…

DonXML discusses some interesting viewpoints on SVG and Avalon… SVG is definitely a very hot standard. I’m very excite about it as I wrote about it back in July.


Rules for life

Stephen Forte talks of his life lessons from Mt. Everest. Definitely 100% true, rules to live by.


Half Life 2 Source Code Leaked

Man, this is a disaster. Half Life 2 forums is reporting (and as been confirmed by a PM at Valve) that the SOURCE CODE (yes you read right!) to Half Life 2 has been leaked out. What this means… the whole new engine for Half Lilfe 2 that so many people have been waiting for…


Everett… no Everest tails

Stephen Forte talks of his amazing experience at the top of the world. Dude, You ROCK!!! When you’re out in Redmond, give me a shout.