Intel ROCKS!

I've always liked Intel over AMD, and I think today I see yet another reason why this is the case. I always felt that Intel is more of an innovator than is AMD (well, the only exception may be with AMD's Opteron (aka AMD64)). Intel has proved time and time again some brilliant engineering. Once example of this is their Hyper-Threading. This is a fantastic piece of engineering that is quite amazing.

Today Intel has done it again... They demoed their new Vanderpool chips. From the sounds of it, they seriously ROCK! What you can do with these processor is actually partition them into individual units. From the sounds of it, you can parition the processor to do one thing while the other partition(s) are doing something completely unrelated. It seems like having 2 PCs in one (then again, this is all early information, so, this may be totally inaccurate!).

In any case, here is the reference.

Comments (2)

  1. Mike says:

    You read it right. That is going to be an awesome feature for servers. 100% uptime should now be possible.

  2. Chris Martin says:

    I don’t know about 100% uptime. That is an eternal dream in this industry. We can get very close now. But, the OS is really the problem in this area.

    I did find a very interesting thread about the Vanderpool technology coming out of Intel.

    It seems this isn’t really a new technology. It would be new to the wintel platform however.

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