Night Out On The Town

Man, last night was a blast. Went out drinking with Stephen Forte and a few of his friends. Zum Schneider has this great bier... “das Ratler” (or something like that). Had a great time last night! Sucked getting into the city late because some guy who committed suicide by laying down on the tracks. Otherwise, an excellent evening. Good stuff; when I'm back in NY, looking forward to doing this again.

Comments (4)

  1. Don’t let Clemens know you (and I) like the radler beer, he doesn’t like Munich (where radler is from).. See you next time dude..

  2. Hey Rob, hey Stephen,

    Radler is only quite normal german beer ("Pils", NOT the one from Munich, which is called "Weizen" or "Weissbier") mixed with sprite. You can have it all over Germany and it has become very popular this summer, since there isn’t so much Alkohol in it… 😉

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