Some more cool days

These past few days have been quite good indeed. Friday I was invited over to dinner to Diana & Jim's for dinner. Mmmm... Lobster Ravioli. Thank you! All day yesterday, CJ had a party at his home. As Jon and Mike describe in their blogs, the party was really fun. Great food prepared by both CJ and his girlfriend Michelle.

We ended up testing out my VPN connection for streaming music... surprisingly it worked really well. CJ had his laptop setup with 802.11g from which I connected to my VPN back at home. From there we just proceeded to stream music away. Worked very well. Not choppy what-so-ever.

Tomorrow the movers come and pack away all my stuff for the move. These next few weeks I'll be living off my laptop. Hopefully I'll get around to putting up a few posts here and there. Once I start work on the 18th of August at Microsoft, look for a blog entry at the end of the day... 🙂

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