Awesome weekend!

Ok, this post is a bit off topic... (woah, a whole weekend away from the computer!)

Today some of some of my friends ([of those who blog] Jon, Mike, Steph, Richie, Brian, Jen) et. al. threw me a going away/congratulations party for me accepting my job offer at Microsoft. I must say, this was totally cool! Completely unexpected and just very cool of them to do this. Big shout out and thank you to all of you (sorry for not mentioning everyone's name)!!

Next, I must thank my friend Justina (who's currently a law student at Yale Law) for an absolutely rockin gift! She's an absolutely phenomenal person, of which one of her hobbies is drawing and art. She gave me this awesome piece of art that she did by herself. Simply amazing!

Saturday my friends an I got to hang out at the beach and my pool. Friday night was also a great night since Jon, Mike, Steph and myself went to see their old high school band teacher play at Tequila Jacks on the Great South Bay. Great bar, great music, and great friends. What more can one want?

Overall, one of the best weekends of the summer!!

Comments (2)

  1. Jon says:

    I had tons of fun and I’m glad you did too, Rob; we’re going to miss you!

  2. Yeah, I had an awesome time! I’m happy I felt better quickly. The food was great; the company was great! Great stuff! 🙂

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